Ateliers d'Art de France

Atelier Viaduc des arts


L'Atelier presents a number of craftworkers and their skills and talents, via its joint exhibitions held throughout the year. Its diverse programme is an opportunity to discover the great wealth of artistic craftsmanship and its associated professions.

Each exhibition includes a practical demonstration! Come and meet the artist(s) who are delighted to share and explain their skills to you.




For the past six years, the Ateliers d'Art de France Competition has showcased the artistic vitality and outstanding know-how of talented craft professionals in each of our regions. Candidates can enter by submitting an item in either the ‘Creation’ or the ‘Heritage’ category. More than 380 entries were received this year. Ceramists, glass artists, textile designers, basket makers, feather artists, cabinetmakers… The range of know-how is as broad as ever and speaks volumes about the incomparable richness of these exceptional professions.

L’Atelier invites you to discover the prize-winning pieces in the ‘Creation’ and ‘Heritage’ categories from 20 September to 28 October 2017.


Florence Lemoine, glass artist
Winner from the AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES region

Emmanuel Chevrel, ceramist
Winner from the BOURGOGNE FRANCHE-COMTÉ region

Karine N’Guyen Van Tham, textile designer
Winner from the BRITTANY region

Alice Deloule, model maker
Winner from the CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE region

Bénédicte Magnin-Robert, braider, creator of leather fashion accessories
Winner from the GRAND-EST region

Sarah Staub, sculptor
Winner from the HAUTS DE FRANCE region

Julien Vermeulen, feather artist
Winner from the ILE-DE-FRANCE region

Migline Paroumanou, plastic artist
Winner from LA RÉUNION

Nicolas Boisjoly, ceramist
Winner from the NORMANDY region

Yann Régibier, knifemaker and blacksmith
Winner from the NOUVELLE AQUITAINE region

Manon Damiens, metal sculptor
Winner from the OCCITANIE region

Miki Nakamura, paper artist
Winner from the PAYS DE LA LOIRE region

Laude Rakotoniaina, leather artist
Winner from the PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTES D’AZUR region


Christophe Berthier, master glass artist
Winner from the AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES region

Amélie Halais, saddle and harness maker
Winner from the GRAND-EST region

Muriel Ponzo, saddle and harness maker
Candidate from the BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTE region

Léonie Berte Langereau, cabinetmaker
Candidate from the BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTE region

Coline Leclerc, paper restorer
Candidate from the HAUTS-DE-FRANCE region

Véronique Sala-Vidal, binder
Candidate from the ILE-DE-FRANCE region

Mélanie Buraud, designer, and Clémence Pellegrin, jewellery maker
Candidates from the NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE region

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